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Now More Than 3000 Online Converters

Posted by on September 29, 2009 at 12:01 am.

Today with the addition of Energy conversions to the online conversion calculators the site now has more than 3000 different conversion calculators.  The project has been a fun learning experience in PHP/MySQL and I plan to continue adding more features and conversions.

How Accurate are the Conversions?

Most of the conversion factors and formulas are sourced from wikipedia.  The most popular formulas have been check with other sources and appear to be fine.  However, most conversions will involve floating point numbers and computers aren’t known to be very good with really small decimals.  Especially when converting between units that have very large size differences be careful, and keep in mind rounding errors are possible.

Hopefully things will continue to improve.  Do contact me with any errors you notice.

From the Desk of Kyle

Posted by on September 26, 2009 at 11:48 pm.

Kyle’s Converter is a small but growing selection of online conversion calculators.  I created this site to have a little fun solving PHP / MySQL problems and to help me out with some real world work problems.

So far I’ve been quite successful in enjoying solving some scripting problems.  You’ll probably have noticed that the site is very plain.  Yes, I said I was having fun with PHP & databases not design and layout.  The plain look suites me, or so I’ll keep telling myself until there is time for a more modern template.

My real world work problems are obviously related to unit conversion.  They aren’t solved by this site yet, but as it improves I continue to get closer to my goal of having a useful site.  Many converters I use on a daily basis are specific to my industry.  It was hard to find them all in one place or functioning exactly the way I’d like.  Now that I’ve spent many hours creating this website I sure better be able to find them and use them the way I want…

I look forward to continuing to grow the site, learn more, and adding functionality to make the site more helpful to myself and others.