Hectares to Square Meters Conversion

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In this sample 1 hectare will be converted to square meters, if you want to jump straight to the online calculator use the link below.

Go to online hectares to square meters calculator.

A hectare is a measurement that describes the size of an area. Hectares are metric units and staying true to the metric way can be defined by tweaking the decimal place of the base units — square meters — a fact that makes converting between the two rather simple (once you know how of course).

Definition: 1 hectare is equal to an area 100 meters by 100 meters, or 10,000 meters square.

The definition of hectares gives us the conversion factor we need to convert hectares to square meters. If 1 hector is equal 10,000 meters square then multiply a given number of hectares by 10,000 to find meters square, to find hectares from a given measurement in square meters divide by 10,000.

Converting Hectares to Other Common Areas

If you’re still unsure about the size of a hectare (maybe you’re familiar with imperial units), or are looking for some other conversion this quick reference table should help out.

Unit Equivalent to 1 Hectare
Hectare 1
Acre 2.47105381
Square Meter 10,000
Square Foot 107,639.104


In this example convert 10 hectares to square meters.

From a definition of hectare given above we know 1 hectare is equal to 10,000 meters square, 10,000 is the conversion factor.

Multiply the know value of hectares (10) by the conversion factor (10,000) to get the answer in meters square (?).

10 x 10,000

= 100,000 meters square

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