Convert Cubic Meters to Gallons

Posted by on March 18, 2010 at 12:48 am.

In this sample convert 1 x 10^5 m3 to gallons.

Go to online cubic meters to gallons converter.

When converting between gallons and other units it is important to note that the type of gallon being referred to may vary nationally.  American (US) and British (Imperial) gallons have different sizes.  In addition to the conversion varying depending on location the volume could be fluid gallons or dry gallons.  For the purpose of this example lets assume US fluid gallons, used when measuring a volume of wine, for instance.

conversion example

How can 10000 cubic meters be converted to gallons?

From a lookup table we can retrieve the conversion factor necessary to convert a single cubic meter to gallons.

In fairly detailed terms the conversion factor is 264.172052

Multiply the know value of cubic meters (10,000) by the conversion factor (264.172052) to get the answer in gallons (?).

10000 x 264.172052


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