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Sphere Volume

For Finding Volume of a Sphere

formula for volume of a sphere example
radius (r) units

A sphere with a radius of 5 units has a volume of 523.599 cubed units.

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Sphere Volume on chalkboard

Calculating the Volume of a Sphere:

Volume (denoted 'V') of a sphere with a known radius (denoted 'r') can be calculated using the formula below:

V = 4/3(PI*r3)

In plain english the volume of a sphere can be calculated by taking four-thirds of the product of radius (r) cubed and PI.

You can approximated PI using: 3.14159. If the number you are given for the radius does not have a lot of digits you may use a shorter approximation. If the radius you are given has a lot of digits then you may need to use a longer approximation.

Here is a step-by-step case that illustrates how to find the volume of a sphere with a radius of 5 meters. We'll use 3.14 to approximate PI because the radius we're given only has one digit.

  • V = 4/3(pi * r3
  • = 4/3(3.14 * 53)
  • = 4/3(3.14 * 125)
  • = 4/3(392.5)
  • = 523.333... meters

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