40-Yard Dash to Miles per Hour

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40-Yard Dash to Miles per Hour Calculation:

  •  s =

    Number of seconds with any necessary decimal required to sprint 40 yards

  • mi =

    Miles per Hour equivalent of dash speed


    Choose the number of decimals to show in your answer. This is also known as significant figures. Select an appropriate amount of significant figures based on the precision of the input numbers.

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40-Yard Dash to Miles per Hour Formula

The amount of time a person or object takes to travel 40 yards can easily be converted to miles per hour with the simple formula below. Please consider the discussion of some limitation following the formula.

mph = 3600 / (seconds * 44)

The major assumption with this formula is that all subsequent forty yard intervals in a mile (44 intervals) will be covered in the same amount of time.

Most users of this calculator will likely be interested in converting their 40-yard dash times in football drills to miles per hour. Consider that during the forty yard dash there is an acceleration period so a person will not be running a constant speed, also it is not a sustainable pace to run for an entire mile. Therefore this is a largely theoretical calculation for the interest of comparison.

A person's maximum speed measured at an instance in time will likely be higher.

Forty Yard Dash to Miles per Hour Formula
40-Yard dash to miles per hour formula

40-Yard Dash to Miles per Hour Variables

To Calculate miles per hour a distance and time is required. Since the distance is set at 40 yards we only need a time to complete the calculation.

Time in Seconds (s)
Measured number of seconds to complete the forty yard dash. Any number of decimals may be used but most measurements of forty yard dash times use two decimals.
Miles per Hour (mi)
Number of miles that would be travelled in one hour if the exact same pace in the first 40 yards were maintained for an entire mile. Abbreviated mph or mi/h; in the calculator table abbreviated mi since fields in the calculator table may only be presented with one or two letters.

40-Yard Dash to Miles per Hour Solution

If a running back has a 40-yard dash time of 4.5 seconds what would this be in miles per hour?

  • mph = 3600 / (seconds * 44)
  • Formula to convert forty yard times to miles per hour
  • mph = 3600 / (4.50 * 44)
  • Substitute in your forty yard dash time in seconds
  • mph = 3600 / 198
  • Calculate the brackets to get the number of seconds it would take to run a mile
  • mph = 18.18
  • Divide the number of seconds in an hour, 3600, by your time per mile, 198. The answer is rounded to two decimals
  • 18.18 mph

A 40-yard dash completed in 4.50 seconds would be about 18.18 miles per hour (mph), after rounding to two decimals. Convert 18.18 miles per hour to kilometers per hour using the online converter.

40-Yard Dash to Miles per Hour Example

If a wide receiver runs a 40-yard dash in 4.45 seconds what is the theoretical speed in miles per hour?

  • mph = 3600 / (seconds * 44)
  • mph = 3600 / (4.45 * 44)
  • mph = 3600 / 195.8
  • mph = ~18.39
  • Approximately 18.39 mph

A wide receiver running 40-yards in 4.45 seconds would run about 18.39 miles per hour if they maintained the 40-yard pace. Answer rounded to two decimals.

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Forty Yard Dash to Miles per Hour Formula