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  • Candlepower (new) to Candelas
    • 1 Candela is the SI base unit of luminous intensity defined by a beam of light in specific direction with a frequency of 540x1012 hertz and a radiant intensity of 1/683 watt per steradian. Similar to the light emitted by one candle.
  • Candlepower (new) to Candlepower
    • 1 Candlepower (old) is roughly 0.981 candela (SI base unit). Approximately the light of one candle. Poorly reproducibility lead to redefinition in 1948. The new unit was also called candlepower at first then renamed candela to avoid confusion.
  • Candlepower (new) to Carcels
    • Intensity of the unit standard Carcel lamp light having a flame measuring 40 millimeters high and burning 42 grams of colza oil per hour. Approximately 9.74 candela (SI base unit). 1 Carcel ? 9.74 cd.
  • Candlepower (new) to German Candles
    • 1.162 - 1.223 Hefner Candles per Practical Treatise industrial electricity, 1889. 1 German candle is approximately 1.0971 candela (SI base unit) with a range of approximately 0.02806 candela, plus or minus. 1 German candle ? 1.0971 cd +/- 0.02806 cd.
  • Candlepower (new) to Hefnerkerze
    • Light of the unit standard Hefner lamp burning amyl acetate with a flame height of 40 mm and a wick diameter of 8 mm. 1 Hefnerkerze is approximately 0.92 candela (SI base unit) 1 HZ ? 0.92 cd.
  • Candlepower (new) to Kilocandelas
    • 1 kilocandela is exactly one thousand candelas. Candela being the SI base unit of luminous intensity. 1 kcd = 1000 cd.
  • Candlepower (new) to Millicandelas
    • 1 Millicandela is exactly one thousandth of a candela. Candela being the SI base unit of luminous intensity. 1 mcd = 0.001 cd.
  • Candlepower (new) to Munich Candles
    • Approximately 0.153 carcel per Practical Treatise industrial electricity, 1889. 1 Munich candle is approximately 1.49022 candela. 1 Munich candle ? 1.49022 cd.
  • Candlepower (new) to Violle
    • Light emitted by 1 cm2 of platinum at its melting point. 1 Voille is approximately 20.17 candela (SI base unit). 1 Voille ? 20.17 cd.