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Cone Volume

For Finding Volume of a Cone with Circular Base

formula for volume of a cone example
radius (r) units
height (h) decimals

A cone with a base radius of 1 units and a height of 2 units has a volume of 2.094 cubed units.

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Cone Volume on chalkboard

Calculating the Volume of a Cone:

If a cone has a flat bottom, meaning the height and radius meet at right angles, then this formula can be used to find of volume ('V') of that cone (also know as a right circular cone):

V = 1/3(PI*r2h)

In plain english the volume of a cone can be calculated by taking one-third of the result of the radius squared, multiplied by the height, multiplied by the mathematical constant pi.

Here is a step-by-step case that illustrates how to find to volume of a cone with a radius of 2 feet and a height of 3 feet. Note that in order to save space (and because pi cannot be determine precisely) a limited number of decimal places are used, the symbol ~ denotes that this answer is an approximation.

  • V = 1/3(pi * r2 * h)
  • = 1/3(pi * 22 * 3)
  • = 1/3(pi * 12)
  • = 1/3(37.7)
  • ~ 12.6 cubic feet